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Lumiotec OLEDs

Since we published the world's first OLED Lighting Panel as mass-produced product in January 2011, many customers have appreciated its potential.
Currently we have 3 models of square type, 145 millimeters x 145 millimeters, 97.6 millimeters x 97.6 millimeters and 44.7 millimeters x 46.7 millimeters, and 1 model of rectangular type, 287 millimeters x 74 millimeters, as our main product. Lamp color (≈ 3000K), White (4000K), Natural White (≈ 5000K) are available for each model.

Latest models, P09 series and P11 series, have world-class features such as high brightness of 5000cd/m2, approx. 250lm(145 millimeters x 145 millimeters size) and long lifetime of more than 30000 Hr. with LT70 and 3000cd/m2. Any model has high-level uniformity in its emitting layer and can provide even application of lighting.

To expand the application of the OLED lighting, we will conduct further research and development.

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